To market, to market… jiggety jig.

The holiday season has tempted me away from my computer and out into the real world to some of the local markets.

I love going to these bustling, temporary cities of merchant tents. Despite having to get out of bed before the rooster crows and hold my eyelids open with sticky tape, market days give me the chance to meet my readers.

Selling books at these busy places is not easy for a shy author. But it does get me off my behind and talking with passers-by. The real highlight is when a young reader comes up to my stall, eyes sparkling with excitedment, to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my first book. This experience is priceless.  It just doesn’t compare with selling books on Amazon or through distant bookshops where you can’t meet your customers face-to-face.

This past weekend at Violet Town market I had the pleasure of meeting several readers who’d bought my first book elsewhere. Having passed their readership test,they now wanted to get the sequel. Oh, joy to the world! There is nothing better than and receiving an elephant stamp of approval from a ten year old.

“When is the third one coming out?” they ask.

Hmmm – good question. It’s time to start daydreaming again… back to the computer for me!


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